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Here at Selena GmbH our 4PL service offers a broader role of a logistic provider within the supply chain. It assumes many of the same roles as third-party logistics (3PL) providers but has much broader responsibility and accountability in helping the customer reach their strategic goals.

As a 4PL company Selena GmbH deliver the following:

- An end to end outsourcing of importation

- Control tower: Keeping track on time limits for all actors in a supply chain (supplier, shipping lines, transport companies, customs agents, certification agents, warehouses)

- Daily communication with suppliers of goods on the placed orders

- Daily communication with transport agents nominated by customers including placing of transport orders

- Preparation of documentation required for transportation and customs declaration

- The opportunity to enter data in customer's databases

- The provision of visibility for all movements of goods on the level of SKU

- Overall responsibility for the interaction of supply chain participants
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