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Selena GmbH delivers a wide range of products for supermarkets and these range from cosmetics and household chemicals to electric toys, clothing and Christmas decorations.

The transportation of goods is done in a cost-effective manner, which we know is important when handling an assortment of more than 10,000 SKUs. That is why at Selena GmbH we offer solutions for consolidation and de-consolidation of goods coming from Far East and America by sea, air and trucks on the routes to Europe and the Middle East. Due to this understanding, we have an alliance of warehouses, which are located in Germany, Poland and Lithuania, which means we provide customised services by adopting goods for the needs of the destination market, such as, labelling, sorting, calculation, weighting on item level, co-packing and re-packing.

Selena GmbH acts as a representative who are able to operate cargo on SKU level before it gets to the final destination.

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